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June 2021 - Go to FP/ConTest Interface

ROTLEX offers state-of-the-art systems mostly to the ophthalmic (vision correction) markets. The ROTLEX technology has been accepted as a quality assurance standard by many manufacturers of intraocular, spectacle and contact lenses. Rotlex and Advance Medical share the same ambition in delivering exceptional products. After having interfaced the Brass 2000, we have now finalised also the ConTest II Interface.

Rotlex ConTest

The FP/ConTest II Interface is designed to seamlessly integrate with the FocalPoints environment and to take full advantage of the Contest II unique features. The custom interface streamlines the operations performed by the User during the inspection process: a simple Bar-code scanning initiates measurement, measured parameters are transferred automatically, quantitive/qualitative controls are fast and intuitive, all data is stored in the lens history.

"The ROTLEX ConTest II is a step above traditional lensometers. The system utilizes a unique technology enabling them to give objective, accurate and repeatable power measurements of all types of contact lenses, in air and in solution. The ConTest II clearly shows in a power map/radial profile window local defects and deviation from an intended design, including any aberrations in the lens"

After having connected the BRASS 2000, interfacing also the ConTest II seemed as the most logical step forward. The exceptional collaboration from all the ROTLEX team helped us achieve this objective even earlier than expected.

Filippo Selden, CEO of Advance