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March 2021 - Go to the FP/NIMO Interface

Lambda-X Nimo

Maintaining an high standard of total traceability and archiving individual measurements has become a priority for modern Labs. For this reason LAMBDA-X S.A. and Advance Medical have joined forces to integrate the NIMO, the reference instrument in ophthalmic lens metrology, with FocalPoints, the leading choice for contact lens manufacturers worldwide.

TS LAC is the first Contact Lens Lab using the newly created integration and we are excited to show the advantages of the FP/NIMO Interface: ease of use, one-click approach, quick measurements, pass/fail checks and full traceability.

The FP/Nimo Interface is designed to seamlessly integrate with the FocalPoints environment and to take full advantage of the Nimo unique features. The custom interface streamlines the operations performed by the User during the inspection process: a simple Bar-code scanning initiates measurement, measured parameters are transferred automatically, quantitive/qualitative controls are fast and intuitive, all data is stored in the lens history.

In 2019 we set a course for a new integration Strategy. FocalPoints has always been on the cutting edge of integration, but we realised that we needed to expand faster in the world of instruments. Lambda-X was since the beginning an enthusiastic partner and we are very happy to have created a strong relationship which a company that shares our same values.

Filippo Selden, CEO of Advance