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June 2022 - Got to Software Integration

The ability to integrate seamlessly with the newest Lathes is crucial in our long-term vision to help bring better vision to the many people with FocalPoints. For this reason in 2021 Advance Medical has initiated a collaboration with Schneider OM to integrate their Lathes with the FocalPoints software. After an exciting journey together we are proud to announce that the integration has been completed and that a partner Lab in the USA is currently testing the newly created FP/SOM Interface.

FocalPoints is fully compatible with the UPC 100 Nano and the UPC 100 Vision, the new generation Lathes produced by Schneider OM. The new integration takes advantage of the hardware capabilities of the UPC Family combining them with FocalPoints' signature Integrated Manufacturing System for optimal results and efficiency.

Schneider OM UPC 100 Vision

The UPC nano is one step ahead in manufacturing high-quality contact lenses and IOLs, ready for polishing. Already including an onboard integrated Fast Tool for freeform manufacturing, the UPC nano’s capital investment corresponds to the costs for conventional solutions limited to manufacturing of 2D surfaces. Ready to go in no time, it comes with on board spherical, non-spherical and freeform capabilities to manufacture all types of contact lenses.

The fully featured UPC 100 Vision is designed to meet the highest quality needs. It provides extraordinary accuracy and extremely low surface roughness, making the UPC 100 Vision the ideal choice for producing challenging applications. Mold inserts with surface roughness values in the 1-2 nm range, highly complex individualised contact lenses or sophisticated hydrophilic and hydrophobic IOLs are easily manufactured. Even IOL designs using diffractive elements that require little or no polishing can be produced.

During the GSLS in 2020 we got in touch with Schneider OM and we were impressed by their determination and eagerness to become a major player also in the Contact Lens industry, so working on the integration with FocalPoints was the next logical step. Being able to connect seamlessly to new lathes is crucial for our customers and we found great collaboration in the Schneider OM team since the beginning.

Filippo Selden, CEO of Advance