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The Label Editor module allows FocalPoints to streamline and automate the entire printing process: from case labels to shipping labels.

Everything is handled with great flexibility and full integration in an easy to use graphical interface.

Labels can be designed from scratch, adding fixed text, variable text, images, logos and any order/lens parameter. It can also be expanded with the FP Laser Engraving module for Labs equipped with the laser engraver for DAC® lathes.

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Lens Vial Sample
Manage different layouts

The system can manage different label layouts for each design

Multiple labels based on multiple variables

Easily combine visually fixed text, order/lens and images


One can print different labels
based on multiple variables


The Label Editor allows the User to define text and position in an intuitive graphical environment, where what you see is what you get. Different parameters can be easily edited in the Properties Editor and associated with specific lenses.

From variables to format, from width to height, from alignment to font details, the seamless integration with the Label Editor guarantees ease of use and flexibility. Different types of graphical elements can be added to the label: logos, images, shapes, barcodes, formatted text.

The Editor allows to achieve a properly formatted output combining both predefined text and variable parameters.

Label Editor