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The Laser Engraving module it’s a special extension based on the Label Editor component. The Laser Engraving module allows FocalPoints to drive the laser engraver installed on DAC® lathes.

The Label Editor allows Focal Points to streamline and automate all the printing process: from case labels to shipping labels. Everything is handled with great flexibility and full integration in an easy to use graphical editor.

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Engraving Lenses with Laser
Label Editor Integration with Laser Engraving

The Label Editor allows the User to define where text will be positioned in an intuitive visual environment. Different parameters can be easily edited in the Properties Editor and associated with specific lenses.

From variables to format, from width to height, from alignment to font details, the seamless integration with the Label Editor guarantees ease of use and flexibility. Once defined the desired layout and parameters, the information is sent automatically to the lathe’s laser engraver for finalization.


The LabelEditor is extremely flexible and allows the user to define different types of engravings for different lenses. The process can be parametrized to work automatically.

The user can either insert fixed or variable texts which can be defined by lens parameters or by a combination of the two, connecting directly with the order’s database.

The only boundary of the LabelEditor is set by the physical size of the lens. Live preview ensures that User defined text is always positioned and sized correctly before engraving.