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Once you have developed a lens design, your work can be distributed to any other FocalPoints user in a secure encrypted file. You set the duration of the License and decide what elements of the Lens design can be seen by the ultimate User. Any or all of the various visualization tools and graphs can be hidden from the user, as well as any tables or formulae used by the design.

Software on the lathe prevents unauthorized duplication of sensitive lens data files and keeps track of the number of lenses cut. At the same time tamper-proof logs are are stored for later reporting. In order to protect a design and issue a License, one must have the Design Owner Toolkit, which assigns to the Licensor an unique Owner Code, defines the list of protected Classes, defines the visualization criteria, enables the protection and finally issues the design license to the Licensor.

Protect and Distribute Lens Designs

When saving a design that has been created with FocalPoints, the option of saving as a protected (encrypted) design is available. Once a design has been saved as protected, it can no longer be edited.  Graphic displays of the back and front surfaces, tear layer, lens thickness profile and lens power maps may all be hidden.  Any formulae or tables used to compute the surfaces of the lens are also hidden from the user. Protected designs are associated to a protection Class for grouping designs with similar royalties.

Lens designs created by FocalPoints may be distributed to any other FP User.  The protected design can be exported as an encapsulated design file, containing all of the rules for making lenses of a particular design. However, FocalPoints will not allow lenses of this design to be manufactured by the end user unless the Design Owner has granted him a valid License.


The Design Owner (Licensor) has always the full control on whether to issue a renewal of the design license and for how long. FocalPoints tracks the number of licensed lenses manufactured.  Encrypted, while tamper-proof log files are exported quarterly and sent by the Licensee to the Design Owner (Licensor). The Log lists all manufactured and rejected lenses, plus other possible exceptions.

Protected Licensing
Create new revenue streams

Being able to distribute or manufacture third-party designs has several advantages. Firstly, one can immediately access a wide variety of innovative designs. Secondly, there is no need for new software with every new design. Thirdly, one can reduce product inventory considerably. Fourthly, one can create new revenue streams.