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The FP Autoloader Module is an advanced tray management system for DAC® and Optoform® lathes which can be added to any FocalPoints system. It is fully integrated with FocalPoints and it ensures substantial improvements in the manufacturing efficiency by allowing the lab to drive lathes with an autoloading system.

The Autoloader Module keeps track on which tray each job is associated and allows the Operator to select a job by simply scanning the tray and selecting the physical position of the lens.

At any time, the Operator can readily compare screen and tray contents visualizing the layout on screen. Measured data can be immediately inserted into the database improving speed and reducing the need of paper documentation.

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The Tray Profile program defines the tray’s layout used in production. Multiple trays layouts can be used simultaneously. For example, a 7x7 layout for scleral lenses or 10x10 for smaller lenses.

The Tray Status allows the Operator to get a summary view of what is assigned to which tray. Depending on the process, the program can be configured to go fully paperless.

Tray Management allows the Operator to visually manage and control the contents of the trays at all times. Adding, removing or even changing position of any lens from the tray layout.


For DAC® lathes, the FP Autoloader Module can either work by defining tray code and its position or by using the barcode scanner installed on the lathe. In the first configuration, Focal Points needs to know which tray is going to be loaded on the lathe and its assigned physical position (identified as RUN).

The RUN specifies not only the position each tray has in the lathe elevator but also the order in which the autoloader should process them. This option gives the Operator the possibility of prioritizing some trays over others without the need to physically sort the trays in the elevator.

Whatever is the physical placement of the tray, the user can easily decide which tray should be cut first.

Autoloader with Runs

Using a barcode scanner installed on the lathe simplifies the tray handling by removing the need to stop the autoloader, prepare the RUN, restart the autoloader. The operator can load the trays on the autoloader whenever one is available without the need of stopping it. When working with the barcode scanner, the autoloader checks each position sequentially and automatically.

As soon as a tray is found on the rack, the lathe’s autoloader scans the tray’s barcode, retrieves the lens data and starts cutting the parts. With this method, the tray priority is linked to the physical position of the tray in the rack.

The Barcode scanning process drastically reduces the operator’s intervention, making this solution efficient and error proof.

Autoloader with Scanner
Visual Processing by Tray

The Processing by Tray program is designed to track Tray based manufacturing processes like base curve inspection, lens inspection, rejects, etc.

The advantage of using the Processing by Tray program is to have all these ancillary informations, crucial for the lens traceability, in a centralized, easily accessible location.