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FocalPoints seamlessly interfaces with the major Lathes brands and the most used Instruments in the market. It can be installed on any version of Windows and it was designed from the ground-up with stability and efficiency in mind, not requiring extreme hardware configurations. Scalability and modularity are at the basis of our philosophy. With a client-server architecture and a centralised database, any number of different Lathes or Instruments can be added to the Lab's structure.


FocalPoints works with all versions of Ametek Optoform lathes, both with the Jobfile and Minifile formats. It connects with all DAC lathes, from the old 3-axis and 4-axis up to the newest ALM lathes. It's also compatible with DTS ProCut Lathes and the Seiki GL-300TR. FocalPoints has also maintained its compatibility with legacy lathes running under MS-DOS for both DAC and Optoform. In 2022 we completed the interface with both Rem Vision Tech and Schneider OM. Today, only FocalPoints gives such a broad integration with the major Lathe's brand on the market.

Lathes Integration Interface


Maintaining an high standard of total traceability and archiving individual measurements has become a priority for CL manufacturers. For this reason we have been working with the major metrology manufacturers to integrate their instruments. We have now interfaced with FocalPoints the Rotlex Brass 2000, the Rotlex Contest II and the Lambda-X NIMO. These new modules allow the Operator to perform both the qualitative and quantitative inspection. They can also speed up the process by showing on screen the lens details, the target value for the inspected parameters and their tolerance ranges. If any of the checks fail, the Operator can mark the lens as a reject right away without the need to use other software.

FocalPoints can read and store all the information picked up compatible instruments


With compatible instruments the User can automatically fill the CL parameter's fields. Quality control allows to Pass or Fail the examined CL and all the information is stored in the lens' history.

Lambda-X NIMO
Neitz CG-Auto
Nidek LM 500/600/600P/PD
Nidek LM 7/7P
Rotlex Brass 2000
Rotlex ConTest II

FocalPoints can read and interpret the data of many popular corneal topographers


FocalPoints can read and interpret the data of many popular corneal topographers: from Medmont to Nidek, from Eaglet to Tomey, and many more. The fit is reviewed with an accurate, interactive simulated fluorescein pattern and a diagram of the tear layer. After fitting a lens to topographic data, the lens can be fine-tuned for a perfect fit.