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FocalPoints is an integrated solution of linked softwares. Customisation and modularity are essential to our philosophy. Progressing step-by-step enables our clients to grow with the FocalPoints system at their own pace.

FocalPoints offers a series of modular components that can be added to each Edition of the software. Some features are included (●) and some are available as a paid option (○), while some may not be available in a specific Edition (empty).


DESIGNING MFGOnly QuickOrder Workshop
FocalPoints Designer
An advanced CAD for lens designing
Design Owner Toolkit
License own designs to other FP Labs
Graphics Module
Create technical documentation
ORDERING MFGOnly QuickOrder Workshop
Order Entry
Topographers' Integration
Warranty Management
Handle remakes and warranties
Lens Banks
Pre-paid lens' bank management
Notify an order to a user for review
Renewable Orders
Total Price Summary
Fitting Rules
Implement design-specific rules
Web Order Service
Integrate web ordering in FP
XML Order import
Import orders from external sources
MANUFACTURING MFGOnly QuickOrder Workshop
Launch in Production
Lathes' Integration
Basic Manufacturing
Full Manufacturing
Full Traceability
Cycles' Management
Hydration, Plasma, Hydra-PEG, Sterilisation
Label Editor
Manage & automate the printing process
Autoloader Module
For DAC and Optoform Autoloaders
Laser Engraving
UDI Barcode
Bi-dimensional Barcode
Instruments Integration
Topographers, Lens Inspection
FP/Brass 2000 Interface
FP/ConTest II Interface
FP/NIMO Interface
Product Recall
INVOICING MFGOnly QuickOrder Workshop
Shipping Room
Automatic grouping and shipping preparation
Customized Invoicing
Issuing customised and detailed invoices
Credit/Debit Notes
Accounting Interface
Couriers' Interface
FedEx, UPS, USPS, DX, RoyalMail
Email Invoice Notification
Multiple Docsets in Delivery
INVENTORY MFGOnly QuickOrder Workshop
Materials' Inventory
Material blank inventory kept by batch
Consumables' Inventory
Material blank inventory kept by batch
Materials' Purchasing
OTHER FEATURES MFGOnly QuickOrder Workshop
MS Jet Engine
MS SQL Server
Operator Mgmt
Define and log the operators' tasks
Access Rights
Restrict the operators' access
Statistics & Reports
Multi Lab Connection
Share orders between MFG locations
Mailing Lists
Extract customers' list for mailings
Automatic Housekeeping
Remove unused data at cycle's end

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