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FocalPoints is the most complete contact designing and manufacturing solution in the contact lens specialty industry. Seamlessly integrating with the most used manufacturing equipment, it simplifies and enhances all aspects of the manufacturing processes. Our core philosophy revolves around modularity and scalability, ensuring that the software adapts seamlessly to your needs.


To accommodate the diverse needs of contact lens manufacturers, FocalPoints is available in three specialized editions: Manufacturing Only (MFG), QuickOrder (QOR), and Workshop (WKS). Each edition is tailored with specific features, clearly marked in the table as Included (⚑), available as a Paid Option (⚐), or Not Available (x) for each FP Software edition. For further information on System Requirements you can check our Q&A Section.

Main Features MFG QOR WKS
FocalPoints Designer x
FocalPoints Order Entry
XML Order Import
Topographers Integration
Launch in Production
Lathes Integration
Advanced Manufacturing x x
Full Traceability x x
Equipment Manager
Instruments Integration
Cycles Management
x x
Materials Management x x
Label Management
Shipping Room
Invoicing & Documents x
Credit/Debit Notes x
Operators Mgmt & Access x x
Statistics & Reports x


FocalPoints stands as a remarkably integrated software, offering a comprehensive turn-key solution tailored for contact lens manufacturers. FocalPoints' seamlessly integrates with the major brands of lathes and instruments commonly used in the Lab, ensuring a hassle-free setup process, saving valuable time and effort.

Integrated Lathes, Materials, Equipment and Services


FocalPoints Designer is natively based on ray-tracing technology. In addition to traditional spheres and conic sections, FocalPoints offers Arcs, Bezier curves, Splines, and automatic Blending curves. FocalPoints allows the Lens Designer to dynamically control the lens geometry through the use of formulas or tables. With the power of Links, different design elements and calculations can be saved and reused in other lens designs.

FocalPoints Designer endless possibilities and features
Increased productivity with a single Barcode


By utilizing a single barcode scan for all manufacturing operations, FocalPoints enhances efficiency, minimizes errors, and elevates quality control standards. This streamlined approach ensures that each step, from inputting order parameters to lathing and lens inspection, is seamlessly managed.

Increased productivity with a single Barcode
Enabling Full Traceability


The Full Traceability module gathers the information logged by FocalPoints during the manufacturing process. The entire lens history, from production to shipping, can be accessed from a single interface. Every task performed on the lens is tracked with a time-stamp and the operator's who performed it.


Maintaining an high standard of total traceability and archiving individual measurements has become a priority for CL manufacturers. For this reason we have been working with the major metrology manufacturers to integrate their instruments with FocalPoints.

Inspection Tools Type
Lambda-X NIMO pwr mapper
Neitz CG Auto bc measure
Nidek LM lensmeter
Optimec is830New Feature lens image
Optimec MAP TrayNew Feature auto lens image
Optocraft cito+prioNew Feature wavefront, pwr mapper
Rotlex Brass radius analyzer
Rotlex Contest lensmeter

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