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Improving the CL Quality with a Conforming Arbour

April 2022 - Enquire Advance Medical

The Conforming Arbour is an essential tool for cutting effectively an Arbour which mirrors the geometry of a Contact Lens base curve, taking also into account the wax thickness. The Arbour can either be symmetric, matching the steepest meridian, or fully asymmetric, following precisely the lens’ surface. The Conforming Arbour module works with both AMETEK and DAC Lathes.

Production Samples achieved by using the Conforming Arbour

The advantage of using this approach has been explained by Marco Iovino of Medlac at the latest EFCLIN 2022 Conference in Barcellona, where he showed the advantages of using a Conforming Arbour especially when cutting extreme or complex geometries.

One of the key takeouts of Marco Iovino's lecture was that using the Conforming Arbour approach can be particularly effective when working with:

Modern contact lens production must aim for maximum repeatability and optical quality of the product. The Conforming Arbour is an indispensable tool to reach the maximum level of product quality without any limit and instantly.

Marco Iovino, CEO of Medlac