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FocalPoints was built exclusively for the contact lens industry and has constantly been updated to reflect its needs. The invoicing needs of Specialty Lens Lab can be quite challenging and FocalPoints has an unique set of features to tackle the most common processes:

  • immediate or end-of-the-month billing (client by client)
  • management of debit/credit notes from the lens’ serial number
  • rules-based debit/credit notes creation
  • grouping different orders into one shipping address
  • shipping conditions based on the # of shipped lenses
  • emitting of delivery bills
  • printing of shipping labels
Shipping Room

The Shipping Room helps the operator decide if finished orders are to be shipped immediately or need to wait for upcoming ones still in production. The Shipping Room can print the delivery documents and the related shipping labels. It can even log the tracking number on the shipping order. It is the ideal solution for optimizing orders before shipping without jeopardizing the production process.


Billing information is automatically recalled from the centralized database thus reducing errors and speeding up the overall process. Invoices' layout can be customized with multiple formats and with the company logo in order to replicate as close as possible the existing company layout.

Custom Invoicing
Invoices and Credit/Debit Notes

Invoicing is directly integrated with the ordering process so information is never inserted twice. The system can deal with immediate billing, end-of-the-month billing and with buying groups, whereas a single invoice is sent to the buying group HQ. When issuing credit notes, the data from the original invoice can be recalled automatically. It can print the delivery documents and the related shipping labels. It can even log the tracking number on the shipping order.


While the needs of Lens manufacturers are very similar all over the world. Accounting practices are instead country specific. That is why we provide a custom export interface to the Lab's accounting software. In this way the Lab can fully benefit the seamless integration of FocalPoints and still use his preferred or current accounting setup. The Accounting Interface is custom developed for each client.

Interface to Accounting

FocalPoints is already capable to connect and integrate with major Couriers such as FedEx, UPS, United States Postal Service, DX Delivery and Royal Mail.

Available Couriers Integration