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OrderEntry was designed not only to control the ordering process, but also understanding the unique needs of the contact lens industry, by facilitating and streamlining the entire ordering process from the user perspective.

Via the OrderEntry interface, customers, patients' previous prescriptions and orders can be searched with powerful queries. FocalPoints is based on a powerful database, Microsoft SQL Server, which allows the users to quickly enter, track and view lens orders.

Order Processing

To enter a lens order is as easy as selecting an existing design from a list, entering the lens specifications and clicking OK. When it’s time to print out the orders for manufacturing, select the order or orders from a list and a bar-coded worksheet will be printed.

Different lens designs require a different set of parameters to be entered. To reduce errors and confusion, the OrderEntry program prompt the user to enter only the parameters that are specific for the selected design. The program also perform a number of checks on the input values to prevent manufacturing problem or unneeded rejects due to mistyped parameters.


FocalPoints can read and interpret the data of many popular corneal Topographers, such as the CSO, Humprey, Eaglet, Keratron, Medmont, Nidek and Tomey. The fit is reviewed with an accurate, interactive simulated fluorescein pattern and a diagram of the tear layer. After fitting a lens to topographic data, the lens can be fine-tuned for a perfect fit.

Warranty Management

Advanced warranty management which allows the user to assign one or more warranty policies (number of remakes and validity) to each lens design. FocalPoints tracks the number of remakes and the warranty validity based on how much time has passed since the first purchase. When entering the new prescription, the program assist the user in choosing the lens parameters by showing side-by-side the list of remakes.


Customers are allowed to paid in advance for a “bank” of lenses, that is a given number of lenses of a specific type. The Lens’ Banks module allows to create multiple “banks” for different quantities or lens’ type. The Invoicing module will track the number of lenses picked-up from the specific lens bank automatically.

Lens Banks Management
Custom Invoicing

It often happens that a Customer Service Rep may need a Supervisor approval before proceeding with an order. The Notify-to option allows to enter the order, marking it for revision and notifying it to a specific user or group.

For example it can happen when Customer Service needs a Consultant or technical assistance, an approval on discounts or need to deal with customers in arrears.


Sometimes a Lab already has its own ordering system and prefers to use FocalPoints only for manufacturing.

The XML Order Import module will import in a few seconds the data generated by the existing ordering software, thus generating automatically an order in FocalPoints.

XML Order Import
Web Order Service

Today many Labs deal with orders directly from their website. This often poses synchronization issues between the web and the Lab's databases.

The Web Order Service module solves this problem by allowing the website to communicate securely with the FocalPoints database. Moreover the Lab can decide which products can be ordered via web, which parameters' can be set and their respective range.