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Joining the CLMA for Advancing the Contact Lens Industry

January 2024 - Go to CLMA Website

We are excited to announce a significant milestone coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the release of FocalPoints: Advance Medical has become a member of the Contact Lens Manufacturers Association (CLMA). This step not only marks a pivotal moment in our three-decade-long journey of pioneering optical innovation but also aligns perfectly with our celebration of FocalPoints' enduring legacy in the industry.


Throughout our journey, Jonathan Jacobson has been an invaluable mentor. His early recognition of FocalPoints' potential and ongoing guidance have been key to our growth. Before joining the CLMA, we sought his advice, and his endorsement of this partnership has been a significant endorsement for us.

Joining the CLMA reflects our shared values and commitment to the industry. This partnership offers an invaluable opportunity to forge stronger connections with clients and stay attuned to the specialty contact lens industry's evolving needs.

Since its debut in 1994, FocalPoints has revolutionized the industry, providing laboratories with unparalleled control over the lens design process. Our commitment to innovation and customer collaboration has been unwavering, continually evolving to meet the industry's needs. As a pioneering force in contact lens technology, our involvement with the CLMA allows us to collaborate with other industry leaders, driving innovation and education. The warm welcome we received at the recent GSLS Symposium from existing CLMA members has been heartening, affirming our decision to join this supportive community.

FocalPoints 30 years Anniversary

Our CLMA membership symbolizes our dedication to collaborative excellence in the contact lens industry. As we embark on this new chapter, we look forward to making a meaningful impact, advocating for best practices, and continuing to offer world-class solutions like FocalPoints, empowering manufacturers to innovate, grow and excel.

The CLMA membership congratulates Advance Medical on the 30th anniversary of FocalPoints. Their long-term commitment to the success of the specialty lens labs has been exemplary, and the solutions they offer have helped a large number of our members innovate, execute, and deliver advanced specialty lenses around the world. We welcome them as our newest members of the CLMA and look forward to their vital contributions in fulfilling our mission of increasing the awareness and utilization of custom manufactured contact lenses.

Derrell James, CLMA President

Marking the 30th anniversary of FocalPoints with our membership in the CLMA underscores Advance Medical's pivotal role and responsibility in the contact lens industry. Together with the CLMA, we are dedicated to leading the charge, persistently innovating and elevating the standards in contact lens design and manufacturing. Our journey has always been about pioneering new frontiers, and this partnership is a testament to our enduring pledge to bring better vision to all.

Filippo Selden, CEO of Advance