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In our Sustainability Initiatives page we share our commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. From harnessing solar energy for self-reliance to prioritizing remote work to reduce unnecessary travel, we're taking substantial steps to minimize our environmental footprint.


We're dedicated to improving vision and fostering a greener future for new generations. That's why we've planted 400 trees around the world, contributing to the growth of our Advance Now forest in collaboration with Treedom. In their first ten years of life these trees will absorb 130,700 Kg of CO2.

With our 400 trees we are absorbing 130.700Kg of C02

With Treedom's agroforestry projects, we pursue 10 out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set by the United Nations member states for 2030. Treedom projects aim to have a positive impact not only on the environment they intervene in but also on the people who inhabit it. This is why project areas are located in developing countries, where the benefits of trees can truly make a difference. Communities are built step by step, acquiring skills that they can in turn pass on to others, and all the trees planted remain the property of the farmers who take care of them. Fruit trees, in particular, enrich their diet and offer them an income opportunity through sales in local markets.


As of 2024, our sustainability initiatives are making a significant impact on reducing our carbon footprint. Every year our solar panels are expected to offset approximately 2,100 Kg of CO2 emissions, and our dedicated Advance Now Forest is estimated to offset an additional 13,050 Kg.

Our Co2 Objectives for 2024

Furthermore, we are proud to share that our website is designed with sustainability ans speed in mind. According to the Website Carbon Calculator, our website achieves a carbon rating of A+ being cleaner than 98% of the pages tested, reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Energy Self Reliance


While our 6.5Kw solar panel system alone won't cover our entire energy needs, we are dedicated to sustainability by partnering with suppliers that rely solely on renewable energy. Additionally, we have installed an electric vehicle wall charger to support our employees in reducing their carbon emissions.

Energy Self Reliance
Remote Assistance and Conscious Travel


Through remote connections, we efficiently serve our global clients, reducing the need for visiting them directly. When travel is necessary, we optimize trips to serve multiple clients and minimize our impact.

Remote Assistance and Conscious Travel


We're dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact through tangible actions. In addition to our visible efforts, such as providing a wall charger for electric vehicles and eliminating single-use plastics, we take environment friendly practices in serious consideration. We even grind our coffee :) and we do drink a lot, to avoid creating unnecessary waste.