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Integrating Optimec MAP Tray with Nexus Automation Hub

January 2024 - Go to the FP/MAP Tray Integration page - Download Press Release

In the contact lens industry, where precision is non-negotiable, the role of advanced metrology is central. Furthermore, the integration of automation can play a pivotal role in elevating and refining those precision standards. At Advance Medical, we understand that accuracy in measurements is paramount to ensuring the utmost comfort, fit, and visual performance of contact lenses.

The integration of Optimec Systems's MAP Tray+ with FocalPoints marks a significant advancement in achieving objective measurements at impressive speeds. Building on our successful partnership with the integration of the Optimec is830 announced in 2023 at the EFCLIN Conference, the MAP Tray+ takes automation in contact lens metrology to new heights. It marries the Modular Automation Platform's (MAP) robust framework with the practicality of an autoloader tray, further augmented by an advanced z-axis. This integration assures a fully automated inspection process, and thanks to FP Nexus it's seamlessly integrated within the FocalPoints environment, ensuring full traceability.

Optimec MAP TRAY+

Designed to operate with minimal human intervention, the MAP Tray+ together with FP Nexus meets the industry's demand for high efficiency and around-the-clock operation. Its unique barcode ID system for trays and the flexibility to support various lathe designs and inspection stages, the MAP Tray+ redefines speed, versatility, and comprehensive quality checks in the manufacturing process.

FocalPoints Nexus Automation Hub

The technological advancement of the MAP Tray+ is managed by the FP Nexus Automation Hub, a revolutionary platform that orchestrates the integration and management of automated instruments without the need for operator oversight. The Nexus Automation Hub is a step forward in our vision for a unified, scalable system offering seamless integration and sophisticated monitoring capabilities, all underpinned by our full traceability environment.

The Nexus Automation Hub is poised to establish itself as our benchmark for automation. Automation streamlines the manufacturing process, reducing manual labor and minimizing the margin for error, allowing quicker production times and increased output.

 Optimec MAP TRAY+

The MAP Tray+ integration ensures consistent, repeatable measurements, eliminating variations that can affect the quality of contact lenses. Automated systems provide real-time data and quality control checks, enabling rapid detection and correction of any anomalies in the manufacturing process, ultimately leading to higher-quality products. By automating tasks that were previously performed manually, manufacturers can allocate their skilled workforce to more strategic and value-added activities, fostering innovation and growth.

Our collaboration with Optimec Systems has been very exciting, particularly with the development of the MAP Tray+. This integration has set the stage for the forthcoming FocalPoints Nexus Automation Hub, our first step towards an automatic platoform based on FocalPoints. The adoption of automation, spearheaded by the groundbreaking MAP Tray+, is a pivotal step into a transformative era that promises to guide our endeavours in the years ahead.

Filippo Selden, CEO of Advance

We are very proud that the MAP Tray+ is the first instrument to be integrated via Nexus and it has been a pleasure to be involved in its development. This collaboration has yielded so many tangible advances that benefit everyone involved, especially users of FocalPoints and our instruments. Building such strong partnerships without doubt fosters progress and innovation across the industry.

Ben Coldrick, Director of Optimec Systems