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MFG Only

FocalPoints MFG Only

FocalPoints MFG Only is the ideal solution for small labs that need to manufacture third-party design lenses with an efficient and cost effective package, which can be installed quickly and easily.

FP MFG Only will help the Lab:

  • Integrate with existing equipment
  • Simplify the production process
  • Manufacture 3rd party designs
  • Facilitate access to new designs

FocalPoints MFG Only can cut symmetric, toric/asymmetric lenses uniquely from third-party designs and includes the following components:

  • OrderEntry, order processing
  • MakeJobfile, compute lathes' data
  • LatheSupervisor, driving lathes

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MFG Only is the ideal solution to immediately access all the different lenses designed by other FocalPoints users and available under License. This process is seamless and secure for all the involved parties. Being able to manufacture third-party designs has several advantages: accessing a wide variety of innovative designs; using FP in the same way as for own designs, creating new revenue streams.

Easily license lens design to other Labs