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Announcing the REM LML 1000 External Laser Integration with FocalPoints

March 2024 - Go to Laser Engraving - Download Press Release

Laser engraving in specialty contact lenses is increasingly crucial for traceability and customization. It ensures precise branding without compromising lens quality, playing a vital role in quality assurance and meeting patient requirements. Lens markings, incorporating Lens ID and insertion indicators, offer clear advantages for both patients and Eye Care Professionals (ECPs). Patients benefit from invisible Laser Lens IDs for aesthetic comfort and easy-to-follow insertion markings for correct application. ECPs enjoy the elimination of lens mix-ups and enhanced precision with consistent markings for accurate placement.

REM VT LML 1000 External Laser Engraver

The integration of the REM VT LML 1000 external laser engraver with FocalPoints software introduces a streamlined, precise approach to lens marking, leveraging the REM laser’s swift text and code engraving capabilities with the advanced manufacturing environment of FocalPoints. The REM LML 1000’s capabilities aligns perfectly with FocalPoints’ Laser Editor module, allowing users to intuitively place and modify text or lines on lenses, optimizing the laser’s high-resolution capabilities.

With FocalPoints, parameters such as font, style, size, and engraving depth are easily adjustable, ensuring each lens is engraved with unparalleled accuracy. FocalPoints enhances the engraving process with its powerful Laser Editor, which delivers a user-friendly interface for designing and executing intricate markings. The software’s flexibility extends to handling variable texts and designs, which can be tailored automatically by connecting to the Order’s database, ensuring a seamless transition from design to engraving. The integration's adaptability means that the design process is fully automated.

Laser Engraving Visual Editor

While external lasers and lathe-equipped lasers each have their own set of advantages and drawbacks, external laser engraving stands out due to its exclusive commitment to engraving tasks. External lasers offer numerous benefits, including heightened efficiency, decreased bottlenecks, and exceptional adaptability and flexibility. Notably, external lasers provide the advantage of independent upgrades, separate from the lathe system. Furthermore, the capability to finely adjust engraving parameters using an external laser empowers manufacturers to meet a wide range of specific and diverse customer requirements with precision.

Advance and REM have a storied history of collaboration, united by a shared vision of advancing the industry. The introduction of an external laser represents a milestone long anticipated by many laboratories. By integrating FocalPoints' unique software capabilities with REM's cutting-edge hardware, we are bringing together the best of both worlds.

For years we have been aware that the contact lens industry has been eagerly awaiting a standardized external laser solution. Our tight collaboration with REM VT has enabled us to partecipate early on in the development of the LML 1000 Laser. This integration is not just an advancement, it encapsulates our commitment to innovation and our promise to meet the needs of specialty contact lens manufacturers. By listening to the pulse of the industry and foreseeing its trajectory, we have once again positioned our clients at the forefront of technological excellence.

Filippo Selden, CEO of Advance

Every day is full of projects and excitement for REM Vision Tech team. Our company is constantly looking to develop different solutions that help our industry to grow and achieve better results. In this search, the opportunity arose in 2022 to collaborate with our friends of Advance Medical on the development of an automatic laser for the engraving of contact lenses. We fell in love with this project from the very beginning as we were absolutely aware of the importance that such equipment could have for all our customers. We hope that many laboratories can benefit from our LML 1000 laser, which allows fast, precise and repetitive marking of the lenses (characters, circles, lines, etc), in a station independent of the lathing stage.

Félix Lopez, CEO of REM Vision Tech