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Celebrating 30 Years of Innovation with FocalPoints

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This year marks a significant milestone in the journey of Advance Medical and FocalPoints. As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of FocalPoints, we take a moment to reflect on the path that has led us to become the global standard in the specialty contact lens industry.

FocalPoints 30th Anniversary

Our story began with a vision in 1988 when Renato Liffredo founded Advance Medical, laying the groundwork for a series of innovations that would reshape the industry. By 1994, leveraging the experience gained from creating ultra-precision CNC Lathes and developing intra-ocular lenses with Biotech in France, we launched the first version of FocalPoints Designer.

3D Render of Fluorescein on the Eye

Departing from the approach of the time, Designer was based on ray-tracing technology, and was designed to simplify the complex task of lens design, heralding a new era of innovation and efficiency. The subsequent years saw remarkable developments, including the introduction of FocalPoints Workshop in 1996, which aimed to streamline the entire production process for specialty contact lenses. Our strategic collaborations, notably with DAC and AMETEK Lathes in 1997, enabled seamless integration of our software with precision lathes, enhancing considerably the entire production process.

Boston Update Magazine 1990

In 2002, Renato Liffredo's pioneering contributions to the specialty contact lens industry were recognized with the prestigious EFCLIN Technology Award, underscoring his influential role in shaping the field. Throughout its history, FocalPoints has consistently evolved, introducing advanced features designed to meet the complex demands of specialty contact lens designers and manufacturers. From the initial design to the final dispatch, including the integration of advanced special features and the development of a global licensing platform, our software supports operations for contact lens manufacturers globally. This commitment to perpetual innovation and integration has culminated in a comprehensive manufacturing system that enhances every aspect of the production process.

Expanding Turn-Key Integrations

As we reflect on these three decades, our gratitude goes out to Renato Liffredo, whose vision has been the cornerstone of our success. We also extend our thanks to our clients, partners, organizations and the entire contact lens community for their trust and collaboration. Looking ahead, we remain committed to advancing the specialty contact lens industry through innovation, collaboration, and a deep focus on our clients' needs.

FocalPoints Nexus Automation Hub

Driven by a pioneering spirit of innovation, our recent journey has led us from integrating with REM's external laser engraver to embracing OCULUS Topographers' precision, from leveraging Optimec Systems' MAP Tray inspection station to launching the Nexus Automation Hub, and now to successfully integrating both the Optocraft cito + prio wavefront power mappers. These advancements underscore our constant commitment to equipping our clients with cutting-edge tools essential for thriving in a competitive marketplace.

Sponsoring the EFCLIN Beach Party

To honor our 30th anniversary and cherish our enduring bond with the EFCLIN community, we are thrilled to announce a joint sponsorship with our esteemed colleagues at Bausch + Lomb and Contamac for a special dinner event. This exclusive gathering, set against the picturesque backdrop of Vilamoura during the EFCLIN Conference, serves as our gesture of gratitude for the support from the industry and a celebration of our shared accomplishments. If you like to

As we mark the 30th anniversary of Advance Medical, we are profoundly honored to have picked up the mantle from Renato Liffredo, whose vision has been the guiding star of our journey. Looking ahead, I am committed to steering Advance into the next three decades with an unwavering focus on innovation, collaboration, and customer satisfaction, ensuring we remain at the cutting edge of the specialty contact lens industry.

Filippo Selden, CEO of Advance