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FocalPoints Workshop is the ideal solution for large labs that want to manufacture their own lenses or third-party designs with a fully integrated package.

FP Workshop automates and coordinates the contact lens ordering, manufacturing and shipping operations by providing sophisticated systems to manage and facilitate the full breadth of activity of a contact lens laboratory.

Its many features include order processing, scheduling, automatic cutting of lenses, planning and logging of controls, automatic relaunching of rejects, labeling, grouping of lenses by order and by customer, printing of shipping documents, transmitting of data to accounting programs, etc.

FocalPoints Workshop will help the Lab:

Workshop can cut symmetric, toric, asymmetric lenses and includes the following components:

FocalPoints Designer is fully integrated into the system both as a design tool and as the program generating the lens job files used directly by your lathes.

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FocalPoints aids lens manufacturers to provide better lenses and services to their clients. It is designed to automate and control most common functions in a contact lens laboratory.

Orders are entered through a straightforward order interface. The system will identify lens orders that can be drawn from inventory and lenses that should be scheduled for custom production. Job orders are launched according to the priority level designated by the lab based on the promised delivery date. Further criteria allows the lab to designate the lens material and the lathe tooling requirements.

  • The system assigns an unique batch number
  • The job is computed with the material params
  • The job order slip is barcode printed
  • A job order log is created
  • Lathing begins by scanning the job barcode
  • At checkpoints, controls can be performed
  • Quality control comments can be added
  • Labels are printed accordingly
  • Shipping docs are printed automatically
  • Invoicing data can be sent to accounting

While performing complex operations, the system is actually simple for the operator because so many functions take place automatically.

Order Processing Interface

Workshop allows manufacturing under license, but also developing your own design to be licensed to other FocalPoints users securely. In order to protect a design and issue a License, one must have the Design Owner Toolkit, which assigns to the Licensor an unique Owner Code, defines the list of protected Classes, defines the visualization criteria, enables the protection and finally issues the design license.

Being able to distribute or manufacture third-party designs under License. has several advantages: accessing new markets, increasing margins and reducing risks, creating new revenue streams.

Easily license lens design to other Labs